Chances Are You Have Some of These on Your Porch

Pumpkins!  What to do with all those wonderful, orange gourds???  Sure there are pies and roasted pumpkin seeds.  Some folks hollow out the smaller ones and serve pumpkin soup in them.  However, what about healthier options for dessert?

Here is a pumpkin bar recipe we plan to try because it contains a large amount of pumpkin puree and well, because we just love finding healthier ways to make delicious foods.  Sure you can use the 2 cans of pumpkin puree this recipe calls for, but why not just puree your own?

Small, orange varieties like New England Pie or Amish Pie work best.  However, there are so many other exciting pumpkin varieties to explore.  Here is a great pumpkin resource from a family farm in California.  These folks seem to really know their pumpkins!  Maybe this little bit of pumpkin knowledge will inspire you to grow your own?  Warning, edible gardening can be addicting!

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