“Beet” the Cold Weather Blues

Forget the light therapy boxes and antidepressants.  Let your organic, edible backyard garden help bring back the sweetness of warmer months by planting and harvesting beets.  Fear not, if you are just thinking about starting an edible garden or did not grow beets this season you can still play along.  Many local markets and farms have a wonderful array of fresh, organic beets just waiting to cheer you and your family up.

As mentioned, there are many beet varieties so you are sure not to get bored with them.  It is also a reason kids just love them.  Want proof?  Check out this video of our 6 year-old picking her very own Candy Cane beets.  Mother Nature designs her best edibles to attract us.  Beets will pull in all ages with a kaleidoscope of colors: all shades of red, golden, swirls, and more! This time of year “Candy Cane” beets like our little girl grows (aka Chioggia) are quite popular.  Candy Cane beets get their name from the cool swirl of red and white stripes hidden inside them.

Beets also offer up a really healthy dose of nutrients our bodies need.  Did you know athletes have latched onto beets in a big way too? Yes, substances in beets have been shown to reduce or delay fatigue during exertion.  Don’t rush out and buy pills and extracts, grow your own or buy them local.  Your taste buds and local farmers will thank you.  Enjoy!

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