Bring Back a Taste of Warmer Months

As cold weather sets in for many parts of the world you may find yourself feeling dull and a bit weary of bland, imported produce. Unless of course you live in a wonderfully temperate climate like California!  For the rest of us there are ways to allow our edible gardens to keep on giving long after the last crops are harvested.  Just say NO to produce that logs more mileage than a business traveler!

Winter squash offers up a chance for us to taste all the sun and nutrients that went into growing such a glorious edible long after summer is gone.  In fact, if stored well these beauties can last for months!  Last season we had some Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti, and Kabocha squash last right into early March.  This season we stocked up with extras and have been enjoying simple, quick recipes like the one you can see here in this video.

Winter squash are relatively inexpensive too, so they are a win-win!

Storing them is not difficult either.  They need to be wiped down really well and then dried off with a clean paper or cloth towel. After that you can find a nice cool, dry place for them to hang out together.  Just avoid stacking or clumping them too tight as air needs to flow around them.  If you notice any signs of rotting or mold be sure to remove the offender before it contaminates the rest of your beloved beauties.

Wait, what do you do with all these???  That is the fun and easy part.  There are countless recipes available.  If you or a loved one is not a fan of squash then maybe they have not tried the right one or recipe.  For example, spaghetti squash is called that for a reason. When prepared right this garden wonder can stand in for the pasta it is named after.  Here’s a great spaghetti squash recipe we found on the Food Network Website.  You won’t miss the wheat pasta one bit and neither will your waistline (spaghetti squash has fewer calories when compared to similar serving sizes of wheat pasta).  Are there any limits to the wonders of Winter Squash?  This is beginning to sound like a late night infomercial!

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