Leaves of Joy

We often photograph the images of experiences we have in our edible garden so we can remember them and share with our family and our friends here on DIY Backyard Farm.  Today we toured our edible garden to see what is still growing, what needs TLC, and what we will plan for next year.  While we strolled, our kids enjoyed the leaf piles scattered along the paths.

As they romped the smells of Fall came swirling up around us.  The familiar crunch of the leaves blended with laughter was yet another joy delivered to us from Mother Nature.  Cameras in hands we were ready to start clicking.  Suddenly I began to recall mental images of my sister and I doing the very same thing some 30 years ago.  The sights and smells triggered my mental “Kodak Moments” album.  It was like deja vu!

I shared the memories with my wife and we decided to stop taking pictures with our devices and instead take mental snapshots of our little ones.  We were not scared of forgetting the memories or worried about sharing the moment with others.  This moment belonged to us…forever.

This post was inspired by a cool daily post challenge.

6 thoughts on “Leaves of Joy

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