A Top Reason Organic Foods Cost More $

great quote on govt and food

Have you ever had a badge you wore proudly?  Maybe a Boy Scout or Girl Scout Badge comes to mind?  Perhaps you won accolades at work and have a symbolic award to show for it?  What did those badges cost you?  Enough with the questions, here’s the point.  Many farms in the USA are farmed organically, but not all organic farms are certified organic.  In the United States it costs money to get certified as organic.  Organic farmers have lots of green surpluses, but money is not one of them.  Last we checked, the government is not accepting kale or collard greens as currency and escarole is just a mafia slang for money!

It is obvious our stance on organic food is to grow your own.  Producing your own foods allow you to take more control of what is in and on them.  Of course it may not be practical to produce all of your own foods.  Even we buy produce, meat, dairy and more from outside sources.  We currently do not have the land, time, and money to grow everything we need.   This is why it is so important to understand more about the food supply.

Get to know your local food producers and ask questions about how they grow their plants, raise their animals, and make their products.  Try visiting a local farm to learn more about how their foods are being produced and handled.  You can them make more informed buying decisions.

Don’t get us wrong.  We are absolutely fans of having certification requirements to ensure reliability, authenticity, and safety of organic foods.  However, when it comes to foods, the costs and time involved in getting certified need to be reasonable for most, if not all organic farmers.  Otherwise we are all forced to do our own research or just trust the folks who claim they are farming with generally accepted organic practices.

We say the government should shift some of the subsidies they are giving to Big Agriculture towards organic farmers.  Society can help make this shift happen by speaking with our votes and our wallets.  Write to your local politicians to express your concerns and opinions.  Watch out for and avoid GMO products or insist on buying products labeled “non GMO”.  As history has shown, Big Business will grow or make products we demand and stop producing ones we don’t want.  Government tends to favor the same Big Businesses with tax breaks and other subsidies.

Did this post provide more clarity on the topic of certified organic farms and organic foods?  Was this information new to you?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “A Top Reason Organic Foods Cost More $

  1. Great Article! yes the government is Allowing GMOs even though most people don’t want them once they understand what they are, we all should not let this one slide by because I don’t know about you but I like my veggies they way they have always been…right from Mother Earth, nothing added.

    Organics are expensive unless you grow your own, that’s why I do if for no other reason than to eat pesticide free food…yum

  2. Reblogged this on Healthy Redo and commented:

    Many folks buy organic fruits & vegetables because organic produce may contain higher vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown foods. Organic produce certainly has lower pesticide residues!
    However, higher quality usually comes with a higher price. Here is a nice read on why organic produce often costs more than conventionally grown produce.

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