Building Your New Raised Beds

Having a raised bed, organic, edible garden is a top New Year’s Resolution for 2014.  In fact, backyard edible gardening is a booming lifestyle choice these days.  Raised beds have become a popular choice for home gardens and are now even seen as trendy.  However, there are many good reasons raised beds have gotten so popular.

Raised beds are attractive to look at and also bring the plants up a bit higher from the ground.  That makes for easier gardening and harvesting.  This feature is very important to elderly gardeners who cannot or prefer to not bend over so far or kneel for extended periods.

The soil in raised beds warms faster than traditional “native” soil gardens.  Plants respond well to this and tend to get started faster. You also have more control over the soil in raised beds as you can make your own soil mixes.

Finally, raised beds can require a lot less water than in-ground edible gardens.  In many parts of the world this is a critical component of a successful edible garden.  Just be warned you need to water more often than you would for in-ground plantings.

A recent article from organic gardening magazine highlights a handy way to build raised beds.  We recommend building the beds in your off-season so you are ready to plant in Spring. Now would be a perfect time to build yours! Take a look and send us pictures of the beds you create.

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