#3 of 31 Ways to Eat Healthier in the New Year

Here at DIY Backyard Farm we have really learned to relish our radishes.  Our first year we planted them just to have something that grew fast and could be picked frequently. We needed to satisfy our need for instant gratification while the rest of the crops grew.

So, we grabbed a few seed packs and planted clusters of 16 radishes per square foot of garden space. They wound up being just a couple of inches apart.  Just like the seed packets said, we were picking radishes in about a month! As it turns out, our daughter loved the spicy snap and cool looks of our french breakfast, watermelon, and common radishes. We were hooked and began to plant more. Each time we picked some we made sure another round of radishes was not far behind.

We even learned to saute the radish tops. They are wonderful additions to many different dishes or just eaten alone.

Are you sold on radishes yet? We bet you are!

Growing them yourself is a piece of cake. In fact, we have found it hard to screw up radishes!

Pick a few varieties that intrigue you and always grow them from seed. It is jut not worth paying extra for live plants.  Next, sow your seeds about 1/2″ – 1″ deep. We have found it beneficial to go to 1″ as it allows the radish bulb to stay a bit deeper in the soil. We think this makes for larger radishes.

Be sure the radishes are able to get enough sun. If they don’t you won’t get great results. They will spend most of their energy making larger leaves to collect more sunshine. The edible root will not develop as quick or maybe even not at all. Done right you will be picking your first radishes in about a month.  Do not try to grow larger radishes by leaving them in the ground too long. We have found this creates tough radishes are greens that are too fibrous to enjoy.

Finally, do not fret if your radish production drops off in really hot months.  This is normal radish behavior.  Just plant a fresh crop as the cooler Fall months approach.


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