#11 & #12 of 31 Ways to Eat Healthier in the New Year

#11 & #12 are about visualization and anticipation respectively.

These two tips are ways to be healthier now and eat healthier in the future. Don’t think we put too much hemp in our granola! Just allow yourself to escape the daily grind and bleak January weather for a few minutes. Take a moment today to dream of warmer days to come. They are just around the corner. Before long you’ll be planting peas, herbs, and greens.

Why think about it in January? This is the ideal time to invest in a little garden planning. A successful gardener has a plan and then executes it. You could say you “plan your garden and then garden your plan”.

Plus, January can be a real drag. The holidays are over and for many of us the weather is no fun. Looking through seed catalogs and sketching out garden plans is a sure way to fast forward to spring and banish the winter blues. How’s that for a healthy pursuit?

There are lots of online tools available to help you plan. However, we are fans of old-fashioned graph paper or notebooks. We take our garden plans right into the garden with us. There is really no better way to ensure you stick to the plan all season long and learn from your experiences too.

Finally, we challenge you to stretch your growing season as far as possible. You can do this through careful crop selection, spacing out seasonal plantings, building cold frames, etc. This way you can eat the healthiest, most local produce possible without breaking the bank at your local organic grocer or farmer’s market.

In the end you should have a well-balanced garden that will provide a diverse group of edible plants for you and your family to eat for most of the year. All that from a small investment of time for planning and anticipation.

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