#13 of 31 Ways to Eat Healthier in the New Year

In honor of Winter we make #13 a chilling example of how to make the most of your fresh, edible plants.

Freezing your extra edible plants is a great way to save them for use on another day. It is also a step in the right direction towards better health because having a freezer full of your wonderful, home-grown produce leaves few excuses for eating processed junk foods. It is also usually way less expensive to freeze fresh produce than it is to buy the packaged frozen varieties.

You do not even have to grow the produce yourself to take advantage of this tip. Go to the farmer’s market and buy a bunch of what is fresh and in-season. Use what you can right away and freeze the rest.

Some herbs are great for this too. Below is a picture of our own frozen basil ready to be deployed at a moments notice. On the left are frozen basil leaves that we washed, dried very well, and then froze immediately on a tray. Once frozen we put them in a package that will protect them from getting broken. They are super fragile when frozen! We also have pesto we made fresh at the end of the season and then froze in ice-cube trays. These little cubes are amazing additions to pan sauces, pasta, or even thawed and spread over sliced, fresh mozzarella cheese.


Left are frozen basil leaves and right are pesto basil ice cubes

We do similar freezing with cilantro, mint, dill and parsley with great results. However, with these three we just food process them with a very small amount of extra virgin olive oil. Then we freeze them in ice-cube trays just like we did with the basil above.

We have found most edible plants freeze really well. A quick internet search can yield many ideas and how to tips for freezing various types of edible plants.

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