#22 of 30 Tips for a Better Edible Garden in the New Year


We have found the sight of flowers to be a wonderful part of our edible gardens. Inside our edible garden we stick to edible plants that also offer attractive flowers. For example, the zucchini blossom in the picture above is a gorgeous sight and quite tasty as well. We also grow many wonderful flowering herbs like mint, chives, and rosemary to name a few.

You may want to consider tip #22 into your edible gardening plans. Here are two great reasons to consider:

1) Flowers add a nice, aesthetic appeal to edible gardens.

2) Flowering plants attract beneficial bugs. Bees to help pollinate your edible plants and other insects that may eat invading pests.

As mentioned above, in recent seasons we have grown various types of flowering herbs with great results. We even let some of our fennel go to the flowering stage because the flowers last for many weeks. Fennel flowers are also fragrant, and very pretty. It’s a tough call because the edible fennel bulb gets tough and woody when you let the fennel plant go to flower. Sacrifices!

On the exterior side of our edible garden fence we have ornamental plants as well. Many of these plants also have beautiful blooms and bountiful pollen to attract beneficial insects. The flowers of these plant are NOT edible, but they add lots of colorful accents to our yard and help those beneficial insects find our house!

Are you planning on incorporating this tip into your garden plans? If so, do your research around plant selection. What grows well in our gardens may not grow well in yours. Remember, not all flowering plants are safe to eatDo your homework!

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