#25 of 30 Tips For a Better Edible Garden in the New Year



Little hands helping plant the seeds


Plus, starting your seeds indoors is a great activity you can do with the kids. We break our seed planting up into manageable blocks so each planting takes no more than 30 minutes (including clean up). For example, this year we started off our indoor seed planting with snap peas. We chose a snowy, cold evening to work on it. The kids took part in each step of the planting and even helped with watering and clean up. Tomorrow night we will start our snow peas in much the same way. Before long we will have a small army of labeled seed starters all around the house!

As a side note, peas are not the best candidates for transplanting. They much prefer the direct sow method of planting. However, we like to ensure we get plenty of peas early in the season before the really warm weather shuts down pod production. We have had pretty good result by planting just one pea per seed pod and ensuring the pod is nice and loose when planting into the ground. This way root development will not be restricted or delayed.

We hope you start some seeds of your own and share your stories with us too!


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