#29 of 30 Tips For a Better Edible Garden in the New Year


Snow covering our wonderful soil and herbs

Frozen, soil

Our wet, pudding-like soil. Still partially frozen.

After a long, cold and in some places, snowy winter we all want to get out and play in the garden. When it comes to edible gardening, the desire for fresh, home-grown produce adds even more fire to your desire to get the gardening season off to a fast start. This desire often manifests itself in a push to work the soil.

This is where this tip comes in handy. Before you work your soil ensure it is ready. If the soil has the consistency of chocolate pudding you should probably hold off. Such conditions usually mean the ground just below the “pudding” is still frozen and not allowing adequate drainage. In most areas the soil pudding predicament will resolve itself in a short time.

If you act too soon you will simply be mixing up a mud cake and actually doing more harm than good to your soil. The problem could even be amplified if you add soil amendments to your muddy pudding mix.

So, instead of working the soil too soon you should invest the time and energy into other edible gardening pursuits. We are sure you have lots of garden clean up and young indoor seedling starts to tend to. It is also a great time to review and finalize your 2014 garden plans or review your 2013 garden notes and observations. You did take notes last season didn’t you?

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