Kiddin’ Around in the Garden

Little hands love baby brocolli

Little hands love baby broccoli

One of our missions is to help kids make a connection with their foods. That means learning how it grows, how to care for it, and how to harvest it (the most fun part). At times you may be apprehensive about letting your kids or grandkids garden with you. It is natural to have a little fear that they will trample on your precious edible plants, pick something too soon, or hurt themselves. Kids are certainly good at getting into such troubles. However, they are also very imaginative and perceptive to new ideas and concepts. Edible gardening is a great way to introduce them to some of the most amazing things about Mother Nature – veggies, herbs, and fruits.

We encourage adults with children or grandchildren to allow the little ones to come into the gardens with them to help. Be sure to supervise them carefully, put away all dangerous stuff, and focus on the simple tasks. Watering, weeding and harvesting are great activities to do with the kids.

Also, do not expect too much from them and never force edible gardening on them. Some kids will be very curious and show lots of interest. Others will show little interest in gardening, but may love to pick and eat things like snap peas, cherry tomatoes, etc. Gauge their interest levels and then respond accordingly. Most of all, keep them safe.

After leaving the garden, try asking the kids to draw and/or color pictures of the garden or specific plants. It is also fun to have them make plant labels from popsicle sticks. A great way to keep them busy and educate them at the same time!


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