How to Keep Your Seedlings Standing Tall

This time of year is a challenge for people starting seeds. It is hard to time the seedling growth with the outdoor weather. This year is especially challenging because spring seems to not have sprung in many parts of the country.

Our zucchini plants have been a particular challenge. They are growing so darn fast under our grow light set-up, but the main stems are not able to support the tops of the plants. We are using toothpicks that came with our Seed Keeper Deluxe to prop up the future veggie stars until they can venture outside into the garden. This has worked well so far and we wanted to pass along the tip.

However, if you read the comments section of this post you will learn this technique may not always work. One of our readers has pointed out that our seedlings may be too weak to survive a transplant to our outdoor garden beds. We are concerned plant parents, but hopeful some, if not all of the plants will make it. If not it is off to the local garden center for veggie plants! We will report back with our results.

seedling, toothpick

using toothpicks to prop up seedlings


2 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Seedlings Standing Tall

  1. I’m sorry, this is a bit of a bad tip. You need to keep your seedlings strong by providing them enough light that they don’t grow UP this fast. After they get leggy like this, they are likely to either fall on their own or blow over in the wind after you plant them out. It’s best to start over again with the lights closer, or more/brighter light.

    • Thank you for your comments. We do not claim to be experts or pro edible gardeners. The philosophy of DIY Backyard Farm is to keep edible gardening simple, fun and family friendly. We share our growing experiences even when things do not turn out so well.

      That being said, you have presenting some useful information that makes us wonder how our particular seedlings (in photo) will survive outdoors. Part of the fun with edible gardening is experimenting. We will see how things go once these are planted. We will also be hardening them off soon to help get them used to the outdoors while absorbing more light than in our basement.

      Maybe propping up our seedlings will work, maybe it won’t. We are betting we will see some plants survive and some die. Thanks to your comments our readers now have some additional info they can consider when they are growing seedlings. For that we say thanks!

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