Caring For Newly Planted Tomatoes

tomato plant,stake,kids,watering

young tomato plants properly staked and ready to grow. kids love to water them!

So you read our tomato planting tips post and now you are dreaming of the perfectly ripe taste of those luscious wonderful fruits. Do you have a plan for how you will care for the plants while you wait for them to delivery their summer time fruits? If not then you need to interrupt your BLT dream.

Caring for tomatoes is not all that hard. In this post we will focus on caring for newly planted tomato plants.

If you have not already staked or caged your tomato plants than do so now. If you wait too long you may damage the plant or roots of more mature plants. We prefer staking over caging, but both support types work well.

Next, water properly. Newly planted tomatoes need moist soil to ensure they get enough water while their roots are deciding what direction to head in. However, you do not need to flood the plants. Also try to avoid spraying the leaves. The best way to water is to deliver the water to the ground near and around the base of each plant. Kids love to help with watering and having some cool looking water containers in and around the garden will remind you to give your plants a drink. Once the roots start to establish themselves (a couple of weeks) you can cut back on watering. The amount of required watering depends on your climate, but tomatoes will do better with deep, but less frequent watering. However, if you notice the plants are wilting then they are telling you they need a drink!

As the plants grow keep them supported by tying them to the stakes or helping them to fit into their cages. We plan to cover more mature plants and harvesting in a future post.

Now, back to your BLT dreams…

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