Invite a New Plant to the Edible Garden Party!


Tomatillo Plant

In our new book, The DIY Backyard Farm Edible Garden Planning Guide, we encourage readers to limit the plant varieties and total plants they put in their edible gardens. This piece of advice stems from a common mistake we often observe. People plant too many types and numbers of edible plants!

If you follow that rule you will thank us later. Plus, you will have more time to devote to learning how to properly grow nd care for each particular plant variety. Take notes throughout the season too. What plants did well? What plants did you like? Which plants could you do without?

Perhaps you grew zucchini and noticed not a soul in the family wanted to eat it. Maybe your children were asking for crunchy cucumbers instead? Let your notes be a guide to planning future gardens. This gets us to the heart of this post.

Each season brings the opportunity to invite a new edible plant into your garden. For example, last season we grew far too many tomatoes. We got carried away by all the heirloom varieties and could not decide which ones to grow. We basically grew them all!

This season we cut back on the tomatoes and found an opening for a new cast member in our edible garden show. Since we love salsa and love tomatillos the decision was a no-brainer. Why not grow tomatillos? Tomatillos it is! We found the lovely plant above and plan to plant it, learn about it* (see the comment below), and hopefully enjoy its delicious fruits in many recipes later on this season.

What new edible plant are you inviting into your garden this season?

*In learning about our new tomatillo plant we learned it is not self-pollinating like a tomato plant! That means you need to plant more than one plant to actually have tomatillo fruits to eat. So, off we went to get another before our local garden center sold out. We also learned tomatillos like to be planted deep just like their friends the tomato plants. 

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