Why I Love My Backyard Edible Garden…

Actually, there are many reasons I love my organic, backyard edible garden. The obvious ones are:

  • Having an abundant supply of organic produce nearly year round
  • Being closer to nature. Just open the door, harvest, and enjoy!
  • Knowing more about the foods my family eats. No chemicals, non GMO, just tasty goodness!
  • It looks fantastic!

Those are all great reasons to have an organic, backyard edible garden. However, just yesterday I was reminded by my kids and their little neighborhood friends about what really gets me charged up. They were playing children’s games in the yard and having a blast. Then, all of a sudden the garden gate swings open and in comes a trio of 6 – 8-year-old girls. The youngest was my daughter. She was leading the other two over to see her personal plot of vegetables.

Next, she explained to the other two girls that they can pick some radishes if they like. She showed them which ones are ready and how to pull them from the ground. She also bragged about her soon to be ready “candy of the garden”, AKA beets. She said those were her favorite because they tasted like candy.

I observed this action with such joy. Every ounce of thought, planning and physical effort I put into the edible garden had paid off in a way I could not quantify. The experience was topped off when they started asking me questions about the radishes and other plants they saw. I could count two new disciples of backyard edible gardening goodness!

Yes, the just picked radishes tasted amazing too!

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