Seeding in the Rain

We have had 5 straight days of rain here in the Northeastern USA. The DIY Backyard Farm is clearly showing signs of sun deprivation and over hydration! Leaves are rotting, plant growth has slowed, and strawberries are bitter.

Little can be done to control Mother Nature. It is not like we are going to run out and tarp our entire garden (not that hat would help much). However, you can do you best to make lemonade from lemons, or in our case salad from beets, radishes and lettuce!

I am referring to seed planting. By now you may have harvested some of your edibles, but forgot or did not have the time to plant a second crop. Take advantage of the wet soil and get some seeds in the ground. We have a saying on the DIY Backyard Farm, “pick a plant, plant a seed”. This technique is most effective for edible plants with shorter growing cycles. We use it for our lettuces, greens, radishes, beets and many herbs (cilantro for sure).

Newly seeded soil needs to stay moist to allow for proper seed sprouting and seedling development. Light, frequent rains provide a steady supply of moisture. Heavy downpours are a different story as the fierce rain may displace seeds and/or expose them to birds and other critters looking for a nutritious meal.

Below is a video depicting just how easy it is to make “pick a plant, plant a seed” part of your edible gardening practices too. Hint – having a Seed Keeper Deluxe like ours keeps your seed collection dry and organized as you venture out into the elements. We highly recommend you get one of these!

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