Watering Basics

Water our edible garden sounds easy. However, over and/or under-watering are some of the biggest mistakes I see people make. Some folks fall into the “more is better” camp. Their gardens can be identified by the sick looking plants with stunted growth and the masses of mushrooms growing all over the place.

Other people do not water enough. Their barren soils and fragile plants are just begging for a sip!

Different plants have different hydration needs. So, it is best to read up on the edible plants you are growing. You will likely have some plants that demand frequent watering like beets, lettuces, etc. Other plants in your garden will require much less. Tomatoes and peppers tend to prefer less frequent, but deep watering.

Our solution is to practice “Targeted Watering”. We try not to use our sprinklers. Instead, our team takes turns spot watering the plants. Spot watering allows us to give each plant the amount of water it needs. This technique also keeps the water off the leaves which helps prevent disease and other plant problems.

Recruiting the kids for watering tasks is key. As long as they are old enough they usually love doing it. The video below is proof!

Even we have to use our sprinklers sometimes. When we do we try to water early in the morning or in the later part of the afternoon. The idea being that the sun will have time to dry the plants before night sets in. Remember, leaving your plants soaking wet at night often causes problems in the edible garden.

Watering needs will vary through the season. More water is typically required during the long, hot days of summer. Less water is needed in cooler spring and fall months. Get to know your garden and plants so you learn what watering regimen works best for your garden.


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