Planning Your Fall Harvest Garden

A great posting on Fall garden planning. We plan to visit this topic in more detail in July, but these folks did such a nice job of providing an overview we thought we would share! Their idea of planning early reminds us of the main message from our Edible Garden Planning Guide Book, “plan your garden, garden your plan”!

That Bloomin' Garden

lettuce bolting

Here it is mid June and if you are growing crops such as lettuce and radishes you may notice that they are starting to grow a long central stem. This is called bolting. Most cool season crops start to bolt in response to warmer weather and longer days. It can often mean the lettuce will start to taste bitter. Bolting is just the plant’s way of going to flower and setting seed. If you are trying to grow lettuce in the summer its best to plant it in the shade provided by trellised vegetables such as peas or beans. 

So once you have pulled out your lettuce and radishes, you will all of a sudden have an empty space. What will you be planting there? Have you grown any seedlings to replace those crops? It’s all about planning when growing vegetables. For example, I have three feet of garlic in…

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