No Job is Perfect

Edible gardening is a wonderful pursuit. For very little money and a reasonable amount of effort virtually anyone can grow enough produce to feed their family for much of the year (depending on local climates). However, there are some tasks that can get a little mundane. Water & weeding are two such tasks.

Weeding is something I have learned to love. The repetition of pulling the weeds and the intense focus help my mind wander away from the troubles of the day. After all, I have to stay focused to avoid pulling out my herb and veggie seedlings.

Watering is a different story for me. It is best to water early in the morning. Late afternoon is OK too during much of the season. You want to try to allow the plant leaves to dry off before nightfall. Wet leaves at night tend to be more susceptible to a host of problems. My problem is those two times of day are my busiest. I am usually at work during the optimal watering times.

Timers and drip irrigation systems are options, but I have not invested in them yet. So, I have recruited the whole family to help out. My wife helps out in the AM and the kids love to water when they get home from school. It is their way of getting advanced notice on what is ready to pick. This explains where the strawberries disappear to!

You can learn to love tasks like weeding and watering if you take steps to make them more pleasurable. My favorite way is to do them with my family. The four of us working together can tackle our watering and weeding tasks with no problem!


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