#Fruit Tree Tips

Some great fruit tree tips here from “That Bloomin’ Garden” blog. I think we either experienced June drop on our apple trees or the kids picked them too soon and did not tell me. I will never know, but prefer to blame it on June drop!

Looks like our friend at “That Bloomin’ Garden” has mature enough pear trees to worry less about critters. For those just starting out with fruit trees you also might want to know how to protect them from critters. We have some tips for you on protecting young or dwarf fruit trees from pesky animals like chipmunks, muskrats, squirrels and deer.

That Bloomin' Garden

Are you growing fruit trees in your garden? Yesterday I was weeding my vegetable garden when I saw all these tiny pears laying on the ground. My first thought was that the raccoons had been in the tree and had been playing with the fruit. They think they own my pear tree. I was wrong. I remembered my master gardener training and the June drop information I had learned .


The pears are very tiny as they are Bosc pears and do not mature until the fall. So why did the fruit drop off the tree? This is actually a normal stage of development since both apple and pear trees tend to produce more fruit than the tree can bear. About a month after the blossoms dispappear the fruit will drop to the ground. Its natures way of thinning the crop. If all that fruit remained on the tree there…

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