#Tomatillo Growing Tips

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Hand Pollinating Our 2 Tomatillo Plants

In the spring we posted about the tomatillo plant as the newest addition to our edible gardens. As mentioned in our book, we like to keep the total number of veggies, fruits, and herbs down to a manageable number. Still, we enjoy experimenting with edible plants we have never grown before. Usually we decide not to grow one plant so we have the room and time to grow another.

Next, we start the process of learning everything we can about the new apple (in this case tomatillo) of our eyes. We came across this post on the blog “Gardening Jones” and wanted to share our findings in case others were also inspired to grow tomatillos this season. We too are having some pollination issues and will be trying out the pollination techniques mentioned in the article.

Happy reading and happy growing!

via How to Grow Tomatillos.

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