End of Asparagus Season Tips

Asparagus season is over for most of the USA. Sure you may see a few spears pushing up here and there, but not in the numbers you see in spring. The video above has some tips for keeping your asparagus investment in top shape for many years to come.

Here are some highlights:

  • Asparagus are lone soldiers. They do not like competition from other edible plants or even the smallest weeds. Your beds must be kept clear of weeds and other plants at all times. Our asparagus beds often get invaded by purslane. We love purslane, but it cannot be allowed to grow in the asparagus beds. Be sure to weed the beds often.
  • Let some spears grow. I know it is tough, but the underground roots (crowns) of the asparagus need to be nourished. As you recall from high school biology, plants get much of their energy from the sun. The spears you do not harvest are like solar panels that collect energy and send it down into the rot system of the crowns. If you picked every spear you would likely not see much production in future years.

How was your asparagus growing season? If you want to start an asparagus bed next year then check out this video.

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