Hidden Surprises

Sometimes a flower is just a flower. Other times a flower is so much more!

Some flowers are edible and offer a tasty treat. Beauty for the eyes and the palate!

This morning I went into the garden to pick some zucchini flowers. I like to pick them early because most of the flowers are open in the AM. Open flowers allow for easy removal of the stamen. You should always remove the stamen before cooking. Open flowers also make it easy to avoid accidentally bringing insects into our home. Many times ants, bees and other winged creatures hide in the flowers and get trapped when the flowers close.

The zucchini flower in the picture below contained a buzzy little pollinator that I had to release carefully into the garden. The flower sounded like a buzzing amplifier! I carefully unfolded the tips of the flower and let the bee escape. I am not allergic to bees, but was still careful to avoid being stung.

No bees were hurt in this post 🙂


friendly, freeloading pollinator in my zucchini flower


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