Proof in the “Ga-Goots”

Here is video proof of the incredible growing “ga-goots” (cucuzza squash). We profiled this fantastic edible garden plant in a recent post.

After posting it we realized people may not believe the incredible growth and other characteristics of this squash.

We do not have any large squash yet, but they are coming. The video below is a quick look at what this thing looks like when growth kicks into full swing.


2 thoughts on “Proof in the “Ga-Goots”

  1. how exactly are you pruning back the plants? I have seven plants and they are growing like mad. harvested my first cucuzza of the season last week, but there are a ton more. what should I cut back so as to feed the fruit?

    • At some point you have to decide on quality over quantity. Find a spot along the vines with the most squash and cut off extra growth that’s away from that spot. When I say away I mean away from the main stems.

      Those things will run like mad and that’s why so many experienced growers trellis these beauties. Hope you enjoy them!

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