Tomatillo Salsas Are Coming



Finally Fruiting!

Those of you who follow the blog know we are experimenting with Tomatillos this season. In a recent post I wrote about the difficulties we had with pollination. My 6 year-old and I had to hand pollinate the flowers to ensure we get some of these beauties. Based on my recent readings I believe we are getting close to harvesting our first tomatillos ever!


4 thoughts on “Tomatillo Salsas Are Coming

  1. What kinds did you plant? I did a purple one and a green, my first time to grow or even ever eat them. We have gotten one batch large enough to make a little bowl of salsa and now there are a bunch more ripening. It’s pretty fun to try new things. How many plants did you plant? I did three, but I was thinking I needed to plant more next year cause they are so slow going. I LOVE following your garden. Thanks so much for posting!

    • Comments like these really keep me going!

      I planted two green tomatillos as an experiment. My family and I love to watch new things grow. Growing new plants keeps gardening exciting. It also keeps our menu diverse.

      These plants take up quite a bit of space, so we only wanted to have two of them. Actually, if you read the blog, we first planted just one. After further research I learned you need two or more to ensure pollination. Even with two, pollination was not happening. To solve this we hand pollinated the tomatillo flowers.

      Once they were pollinated we were off to the races and have a really large crop of these cool looking fruits. This weekend will be a tomatillo salsa fest!

  2. I remember reading that about starting with one but then planting another one. I had forgotten. The purple ones are way smaller than the green ones. I love learning from you! Can’t wait to hear how your salsa turns out. We served ours at our garden open house for the kid’s parents (I garden with my daycare kids) and most of them didn’t want to try it because it was green. he he. One mom loved it and took the rest home! 🙂 I thought it was delicious!

    • The purple varieties look really cool. Green ones can turn purple if left to hang on the plant too long. Apparently they lose flavor when left this long.

      I plan to post the salsa experience after we make it this weekend!

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