Tomato Tending Tip For Late Season Success

Right after July 4th, it seems that the days fly off the calendar. While that is happening the tomato plants keep growing. It is like watching Jack and the Beanstalk right in your own backyard!

A few nights ago I had an experienced gardener at my home. She was complaining about how her tomato plants have all flopped over and begun to die. It sounded to me like the plants grew too tall and started to collapse under their own weight. I have seen this often and experienced it myself. Plus, the added weight of tomatoes makes the plants even more likely to become damaged.

Long ago I learned to “top” the tomato plants. Topping is only really needed for indeterminate tomato plants because these varieties just do not know when to stop growing.

I demonstrated my technique for topping tomato plants in the video below.

5 thoughts on “Tomato Tending Tip For Late Season Success

  1. This is great, i’m going to try it this weekend when I have a little time to work on the plants without “distractions” 🙂 A few weeks ago my plants were blown in a storm and they are wriggling all over the place out of their “cages” since then. I wanted to trim them back somehow so we could walk through there again. Thanks for the tip!

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