State Fair Worthy


proud papa with his monster cucuzza

We have posted and tweeted a lot about the magical squash called cucuzza. In this picture my neighbor poses with a monstrous specimen. Must have been the incredible seeds he got from the Backyard Edible Gardener (me)!

Those seeds came from my wife’s grandfather. He brought them to the USA from his native Sicily. I am thinking these qualify as heirlooms. If not in gardening term than in family terms.

Note, when you plan to eat cucuzza you should not let them grow this long. The cucuzza will develop a much harder texture and will contain a lot of seeds. For eating purposes it is better to pick them younger.

We usually let one cucuzza grow a bit longer and more mature so we can dry out the seeds and keep this “heirloom” going strong.

So, are you sold on growing cucuzza yet?

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