Morado del Rincon de Ademuz- A Tomato Worth Growing

An excellent post on some tomato varieties you should be aware of. Love the author’s dedication to saving heirloom seeds too!

That Bloomin' Garden

Each year I grow different kinds of tomatoes from seed. Over time I am finding that I am becoming one picky tomato tester. Trust me, not all tomatoes are that great. Of course, we all have our personal preferences and most people will choose a cherry tomato for its ease of harvest and high productivity. I was given a challenge this summer. I was given some tomato seeds from a seed bank that were very low and need to be grown out. Growing for a seed bank means that I am saving seeds from my crop of  tomatoes and drying them and mailing them back to the seed bank. Last year was a great year with over 1000 seeds saved. You see I still get to eat the tomatoes, I just have to scoop the seeds out first. It’s a win, win situation.

Morado del rincon de ademuz

This year I have been testing out…

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