Everyone Loves a 2-4-1 Deal!!!

blueberry bush,fall colors

blueberry bush in fall hues

We still have a garden full of wonderful edibles, but I am already thinking about what to grow next season. As I walk around our edible gardens I cannot help myself from stopping and staring at the blueberry bushes in their fall glory. These amazingly gorgeous bushes gave up their berries to us (and the birds) over the summer. However, their true beauty is revealed each fall in the form of their colorful foliage. The leaves are an impossible to imagine fire of reds and oranges! Herein lies the 2-4-1 deal…blueberries give you berries and beauty!

I would grow blueberry bushes even if they did not yield a single berry. In fact, I feel they are much more attractive than virtually any ornamental bush I have seen. Do you grow blueberries? If so, is it because of the berries or the beauty of the foliage???

blueberry bush,fall color

another example of the beautiful fall colors of blueberry bushes


7 thoughts on “Everyone Loves a 2-4-1 Deal!!!

  1. I love my BB Bush, I only have one little one in a pot, but she makes such yummy berries! I got 15 from her the other day! Yummo! I put a couple on my breakfast each morning.

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