When Mother Nature Throws A Curve


My quick & dirty approach to dealing with a cold weather snap

I was part in denial and part in disbelief that we were going to get into the “teens” on the thermometer. I had every intention of finally building some DIY cold frames, but just did not get around to it.

A cold snap like this will kill the fall veggies and herbs before I am ready to say good-bye! What is a DIY Backyard Farmer to do? Improvise!

For me, improvising is all about rustling through our home to find things I can re-purpose for the task at hand. My wife locked up all our sheets and blankets. She must have been expecting my linen closet raid. “Honey, I really need a bunch of sheets and blankets to protect our veggies and herbs! I promise they won’t get too dirty!” No response…

My wife was not buying it for a minute. I was forced to pull together a couple of old sheets, a few plastic table cloths and some large buckets and pots. Anything to protect the plants from the wicked wind chills. Off into the early, but dark evening I went. A plant protecting I will go, armed with warm cloths and a headlamp.

The next day revealed plants that were still alive and not frozen!

The next day revealed plants that were still alive and not frozen!

As one can see from the photos, my efforts paid off. The makeshift protection was just enough to keep the plants alive. Even better news, warmer weather is on the way! Hang in there little veggies! Daddy will protect you!

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