Can you “beet” this?

I often write about ways to engage children with healthy, fresh foods. More specifically, I like to help parents get their kids to eat their veggies!

Here on the DIY Backyard Farm we believe in hands on learning. Plus, not all of our gardening “chores” are a bore. Remember, it may be zen-like for adults to weed or water. However, kids need shorter term and immediately rewarding tasks to keep them interested.

Interested in seeing what I am talking about? Grab your flashlights and come along for a two-minute video starring our youngest backyard farmer and I. We will take you night hunting for fall beets. After all, they are the “Candy of the Garden”!

2 thoughts on “Can you “beet” this?

    • Thank you! It does take muscles for the cylindra beets.

      What didn’t we make is the question. Our favorites ways to eat them Re simple:

      1) drizzled with a bit of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with mint or thyme
      2) slices paired with local goat cheese
      3) my daughter’s favorite BLB sandwich. That’s bacon, lettuce and beets! She hates tomatoes…

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