Shortcut Your Way to Gardening Greatness

Those of you who read this blog or have read my book know I constantly pound the drum to plan your garden and keep things simple. Those two rules are the main keys to my edible gardening success. As such, I am a huge fan of shortcuts that save time without sacrificing results. In an effort to create and/or share valuable information for my readers, I had been thinking about coming up with a list of gardening shortcuts to post on this site. Magically such a list popped into my email inbox last night!

A greater gardening mind than mine was thinking the very same thing. Dave Ledoux from Back To My Garden sent me a link to his 99 Remarkably Clever Gardening Shortcuts. What timing!

Dave’s list is the product of 30 hours of research and writing. Nice work Dave!

We get to enjoy the “fruits” of Dave’s labor with little more than some time invested reading. I suggest bookmarking his list for future reference. Not all of the tips are edible gardening related. However, there are enough interesting ideas to satisfy many types of gardeners.

I already plan to use shortcut #88 because we have a root bound citrus tree of our own that needs a new home to lay down some roots. Shortcut #1 will be critical to my edible garden planning right now. We are growing potatoes in 2015, but I refuse to give up too much space to them. #1 may be the answer to my potato space-saving challenge!

Why are you still reading my post? Get clicking over to Dave’s 99 Remarkably Clever Gardening Shortcuts! Share it with your gardening friends too!

Plan your garden, garden your plan…

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