Two Avoidable Reasons Some Edible Gardeners Fail

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New Book Cover

The DIY Backyard Farm Edible Garden Planning Guide was written to help people get started growing their own healthy, delicious produce. Basically, I was getting too many request to help family, friends and acquaintances set up edible gardens. I wanted to help everyone, but I did not have the time! Writing a book outlining my methods for edible gardening seemed like a natural solution to my situation.

Below is an excerpt from the book to give you a flavor for what it is about. I hope you will get a copy for yourself and tell others to check it out too.

Copies can be purchased here.

From The DIY Backyard Farm Edible Garden Planning Guide, 2nd Edition:

“Now back to that original question. What have I done right and where do some edible gardeners go wrong?

The answers: planning and keeping edible gardening as simple as possible!

Yes, not keeping it simple and failing to plan are major reasons so many aspiring edible gardeners fail to grow great crops. In this book I will show you how I learned to grow delicious, healthy edible plants by following a simple planning and gardening method that lasts all growing season. I call it “plan your garden and garden your plan.”

As you will read, my edible gardening methods are based on keeping things as simple as possible, working with nature instead of trying to control her too much, taking notes on garden observations, and having a clear, manageable garden plan. If you let them, edible gardening and/or farming can become very complex endeavors. Most of that potential complexity comes from the pure human desire to control everything we encounter. Throughout this book I will frequently remind you to enjoy the “natural” aspects of working with Mother Nature. Losing the desire for a perfect garden is an important first step in that process.”

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