Spring Cleaning – Asparagus Beds

The perfect time of year to “dig up” this great post on preparing the asparagus beds for a great growing season!

Backyard Edible Gardening

asparagus An image of spring glory to motivate you to do some spring asparagus cleaning

This is a special edition post by our friend, Dawn Crescitelli of Small Wonder Farm in NJ.

Here at Small Wonder Farm we have three types of perennial fruit (blueberry and raspberry) and vegetable (asparagus) beds to prepare. Today, I will be focusing on how to clean up and prep your asparagus beds.

First, carefully rake out your bed of left over frond pieces, seeds, and leaf debris. Clear off the debris from your row covers (if you have them) with a broom and large dust pan. You can also remove the stumpy old stems of last year’s asparagus from the garden bed. Only take the ones that are loose, do not pull or force an old stem out because this might damage the plant’s crown.

Next, weed the beds completely of ALL competing plants. Asparagus…

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