Don’t Do This For Better Peas

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That is right, a “don’t” recommendation at a time when many folks have planted their spring pea crop. Lots of people are talking about best ways to sow the seeds, optimal trellis methods and best times to harvest. Those are lots of “do” recommendations. However, I have not seen much talk about one particular “don’t” recommendation that I find a lot of folks ignore.

Ready for the payoff pitch? It is simple and will even save you money!

Don’t fertilize your peas. That is right, peas often do best in less fertile ground. In fact, peas that have been fertilized will often produce vigorous leaf growth, but produce far less pods than their less spoiled pea friends. What do you want more of, leaves or pods? I rest my case.

Here are some other DIY Backyard Farm tips on playing nice with your peas:

Tee-“pea” Trellis

Planting Peas With Kids (they usually love snap peas)

Tips For Starting Pea Seeds Indoors

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