How to Save Money This Spring

romaine lettuce

Just a Couple of Weeks From Our Salad Bowl

We spend a fortune on lettuce in the winter. I would estimate we spend $30 a week on lettuce! Of course, we only buy organic lettuce, but we buy it in bulk when possible. Buying organic lettuce in bulk usually saves some coin. However, nothing compares to the money you can save by growing your own lettuce from seed.

Do you think it is too difficult to grow lettuce from seed? Think again!

Lettuce seeds can be directly sown into the ground as soon as the soil is workable. Better yet, lettuce seeds germinate fast and most varieties grow rather quickly. Lettuce comes in many varieties and thrives in cooler weather. In fact, we hope to be crunching on some fresh lettuce leaves really soon.

What are you waiting for? Sprinkle some seeds into loosely worked soil, water gently and thin out the seedlings to allow each plant enough room to grow. I do not waste the seedlings by cutting the ones I wish to thin. Instead, I simply uproot them with a small tool and transplant to another area of the garden. 

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