Monthly Experiment (April 2015) – Growing Bucket Loads of Potatoes

3 weeks ago we began our “buckets of potatoes” experiment. The first 2 weeks had us a bit worried and even a bit bored. Then out of the blue we saw some vegetative action!
Check out the updated photos I added to the original post.

Backyard Edible Gardening

Each season we focus on 1 or 2 new edible plants to grow. Last season tomatillos got our vote. We sure did get our fill of tomatillo salsa, chimichurri, and otherĀ tomatillo creations. In fact our neighbors did too!

What new plant would we grow this year? First a wee bit of DIY Backyard Farm history.

For years I have wondered if I could grow the bucket loads of potatoes that so many online videos and blogs talked about. I almost tried last year, but decided to wait a bit longer so the kids could be old enough to help with this experiment. Kids love to experiment with stuff!

So, back in February we finalized our garden planning worksheets and made it official. 2015 will be the season of the potato (in buckets). I hope the results are as promising as they sound. The set-up sure was as easy as Iā€¦

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Experiment (April 2015) – Growing Bucket Loads of Potatoes

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