A Few Simple Ways to Grow Great Onions

Growing opnions is not hard and certainly not magic. However, I see very few backyard edible gardeners growing these pungeunt pals of the soil.

Watch this quick video for tips and be sure to read past blog posts to learn to get started.

Happy Growing!

7 thoughts on “A Few Simple Ways to Grow Great Onions

  1. Great video, thanks for posting as this is my first year growing onions. Take care and happy gardening to ya, from Laura ~

      • DIY Backyard Farmer, your tips sure have helped me. I’d rather gather knowledge from someone who’s already had success. I see a bloom at the tip of one of my multiplying onions… I wonder if this is suppose to happen and what the bloom will look like. This is my first time growing these onions. Thanks again, from Laura ~

      • You’ve got onions that are bolting. Sometimes when an onion plant is stressed it will bolt (flower). It’s the plant trying to ensure that the onions will live on forever. Nature at its best! Perhaps you got into a very hot and dry spell in your area?

      • DIY Backyard Farmer, that’s exactly what’s happened.. dry, very hot spell…thank you for your comments…


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