Day 1 – Asking For Permission

Today I called the suburban town we live in to learn what special permissions, applications or other official stuff we would need to keep chickens. Much to my surprise, nothing was required! Our town official told me they consider chickens to be pets and as long as we did not keep too many we are all good. He also mentioned the chickens cannot be overly loud as to disturb the peace of our neighborhood. I explained to him that we are not planning on keeping more than 6 or so chickens at once and we would not be keeping any roosters.

After hanging up the phone I breathed a sigh of relief. I was worried the town may have some kind of rule(s) that would prohibit us from our chicken keeping endeavors. I also felt energized and excited to explore the next steps.

Do you keep chickens? Are you thinking about keeping chickens? Please share your stories.

Bird is the word. We are good to go!

Bird is the word. We are good to go!

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