Why We Are Not Keeping Chickens…Day 2 and Beyond

So we got permission from our town to keep chickens. We socialized the idea with our neighbors and they were all excited and accepting. We were so fired up that we ran to the library and got a bunch of chicken keeping books.

We had books for kids and books for adults. Many of them page turners for our anxious learners. As we read on the tide of excitement began to turn. Suddenly those cute and whimsical birds were no longer the apples of our eyes. Keeping chickens was indeed more work than we had heard!

You see, chickens are certainly pets. Like other pets they require a certain level of care. Without proper care they can get ill or just plain unhappy. That is just not fair to the birds.

The responsible thing for our family to do was to refrain from keeping chickens at this time. Hopefully in the future our lives will allow more time for such a worthy pursuit.

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