How We Grow Better Zucchini

In years past we lost many zucchini plants to various types of rot. I believe the rot was often caused by wilting and rotting leaves that created an environment of wet, mushy mess. Wet, mushy mess is a breeding ground for plant ailments. A couple of years ago I began to carefully experiment with trimming off single leaves and their stems from the main stem of the plant. This can be a risky move because pruning a zucchini plant leaves the plant vulnerable at the spot where you made a cut.

In my experience the risk was worth taking. The video below shows how I prune my zucchini and what they look like in late September.

2 thoughts on “How We Grow Better Zucchini

  1. I’ve had trouble with squash bugs. Three years in a row. The worst was the first year. On the good side the bugs were less and less with each year, but still around enough to be a bother. I wish you well with yours. Cheers, Koko:)

    • Be vigilant and always on the lookout for bugs that you can remove by hand. Many times you can catch them before they do major damage. Beneficial insects are also a major help with such problems.

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