Garden Therapy

We can’t believe the amazing, spring-like weather we are enjoying here in New Jersey. We are working our soils and nourishing our garden loving souls far sooner than expected.

One of the many wonderful things about gardening is how there’s only a few tasks you must complete to be successful, but so many more you could complete just for the heck of it. Did we really need to build our own pea trellis this evening?

Of course we could have just bought one, but my daughter and I felt like doing something creative. We needed time together to just chill and create. That is garden therapy! That is living!

It took us 30 minutes to turn her soil over and design and build the little trellis. It took me about 3 minutes to forget about my troubles from the day.

How do you unwind in the garden??? Do you want to learn to grow you own healthy, delicious produce just like we do? Check out my book and learn how!

2 thoughts on “Garden Therapy

  1. Nice to see my son and granddaughter spending quality gardening time together, I’m sure it’s something she will always remember.

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