Avoid A Common Edible Gardening Mistake

Have you been to a local garden center yet this spring? If so you’ve likely seen the amazing spreads of vegetables and herbs lined up in flat after flat just waiting to come home with you. Maybe the rows of fruit trees and berry shrubs caught your attention too!

vegetable, plants

Exciting and Overwhelming Simultaneously

Getting excited about edible gardening is great. Buying more plants than you could possibly use is not! However, that is exactly what happens to edible gardeners who fail to plan. One of the most common mistakes I see is the failure to plan out an edible garden before actually going to the store to buy plants and seeds. If you do not have a plan you could be setting yourself up for difficulty or even gardening failure. You will likely waste a lot of money on unused plants too!

So before you go out to buy plants and seeds you should…

Plan Your Garden and then Garden Your Plan!

Writing Neatly

So Easy A Kid Can Do It

My edible garden planning guidebook is a great for learning the basics of edible gardening. It even contains edible garden planning worksheets to help you design a successful edible garden. I hope you will check it out. Then you can have a garden like this (see below)

garden, well planned

Well-Planned Edible Gardens

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