4 Things You Can Do Now For a Great Edible Garden in 2017

It’s the time of year for lists. In the last 7 days I have seen lists about:

  • top ways to lose weight
  • saving money
  • getting organized
  • etc.

Seeing such lists got me thinking about the top things an edible gardener can do today to prepare for their best vegetable, fruit and herb gardening season. Come to think of it, if you have a productive edible garden then you will eat healthier, probably lose weight, surely save money and maybe even learn some new recipes. Talk about a life hack!

OK, without further delay, here you go:

  1. Review your notes from the previous season(s). What would you improve upon? What went right in the past? Did you jot down any ideas for new plantings in upcoming seasons? That brings me to #2…
  2. Get inspired. Start browsing those seed catalogs and find some new and exciting plants to grow this season. Before you know it the time will be right to begin starting indoor seeds.
  3. Do an inventory of your seeds and other supplies. It helps to do this before ordering any seeds because we gardeners tend to forget about that end of season discount purchase of seeds and potting mix.
  4. Start sketching out your garden plans.Have some fun here and don’t be too rigid. Your first sketch likely will not be the final one. It helps to see your mental garden plan on paper to ensure it makes sense for your space. I have included garden planning worksheets in the back of my latest book on getting started in edible gardening. I hope you will check it out and maybe purchase it too.

Before starting these activities be sure to include anyone who will be a part of your gardening endeavors. Your group will be more engaged if they had a hand in the planning of the garden.

garden plot sketch

Grandma’s garden sketch



2 thoughts on “4 Things You Can Do Now For a Great Edible Garden in 2017

  1. Hi- Do you have a section for questions? I have an area that I gardened for years behind some trees so that my yard remained neat. Now the trees have grown so much that the area is all shady, and I haven’t been able to grow anything well besides herbs and lettuces. I need advice as to how to incorporate a vegetable garden right in the midst of the lawn, so that it can benefit from full sun. I can’t picture how to do that. I’m wondering if there is a resource where I can find someone who actually visits the property and advises- a paid consultant of sorts. My husband and I are in our 60’s and 70’s and cannot do the digging as we used to. In other words, we need help! ☺️ Thank you for your time.

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    • Hi Kathleen. This is a fine way to ask a question. Sorry to hear you’ve got some “shady” characters messing with you sunshine. Kudos to you for still growing herbs and lettuce in the part sun.

      There are many edible gardening consulatant-types popping up across the country. It is tough for me to give you advise without being at your property. However, be sure you really want to grow food in the middle of your yard and be double sure there are no neighborhood or municiple rules prohibiting you from doing so. Google the topic and you will surely find some controversial articles on front yard edible gardens. Maybe even some on backyard edible gardens too (think golf course communities).

      Also, if you are ripping up lawn you should be sure your soil is not contaminated with pesticides and other undesireable chemicals. Lots of people use harsh chemicals on their lawns these days. You should always be mindful of soil health and quality if you plan to grow edibles like vegetables, fruits and herbs.

      I would also consider container gardening. You can grow lots of vegetables, herbs and maybe even some fruits in containers and even elevate the containers to reduce the amount of kneeling you will have to do.

      Good luck in your endeavors and have a wonderful start to the New Year.

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