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  1. When planting the seed do you lay it flat in the soil, or pointed end up or down? I notice one end has a point and the other has two bumps. I live in Florida and am eager to try to grow a plant or two. Thanks for your help.

    • Connie, that is actually a very valid question. All seeds have different preferences for how they are planted. Generally you do not have to fret over how you place the seeds into the soil. Most seeds either figure it out on their own and head towards the sun or they do not care how they are planted.
      However, if you are growing something from a clove then you want to carefully plant it in the correct direction. Garlic is a great example of a bulb-type of plant that you want to take care not to plant in the wrong direction. The pointy end of the garlic is the end that will stick up toward the surface.
      I would recommend reading seed packets carefully and sowing as described on the packet. Some seeds need to be sown deeper than others. Since you are in Florida you do not have to worry as much about temperature. However it still pays to pay close attention to the zone that you live in and follow the seed instructions for that zone carefully.

      Happy gardening!

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