Do This to Grow Better Produce Next Season

How has your growing season been going? Did you learn anything new, discover a new vegetable, fruit or herb that you want to grow again or find a new technique to trellis that you do not want to forget?

Each growing season offers new lessons. That is what makes edible gardening so darn fun (and addicting).

Things are beginning to slow down in the DIY Backyard Farm. As the days get shorter the plants grow slower. The weeds go slower too! That means there is less to do and more time to enjoy the amazing harvest. We still have tomatoes, peppers and some other all-star summer vegetables. There are even some golden raspberries showing up for a curtain call. It is like we have worked hard all spring and summer cycling to the top of a steep mountain. Now it is time to coast down the other side.

The extra time allows for reflection and some preliminary planning. The image below is of a real garden notes sheet for one of our tomato gardens. I included it here as an example of how we catalog our experiences and ideas. These notes will be a huge help once we begin planning for the next season’s crops.

If you take notes like these you will be a better backyard farmer and grow superior produce year after year. My book contains garden planning worksheets and garden notes pages like the one below. I hope you will buy a copy today.

Garden Notes

Garden NotesĀ 

Avoid A Common Edible Gardening Mistake

Have you been to a local garden center yet this spring? If so you’ve likely seen the amazing spreads of vegetables and herbs lined up in flat after flat just waiting to come home with you. Maybe the rows of fruit trees and berry shrubs caught your attention too!

vegetable, plants

Exciting and Overwhelming Simultaneously

Getting excited about edible gardening is great. Buying more plants than you could possibly use is not! However, that is exactly what happens to edible gardeners who fail to plan. One of the most common mistakes I see is the failure to plan out an edible garden before actually going to the store to buy plants and seeds. If you do not have a plan you could be setting yourself up for difficulty or even gardening failure. You will likely waste a lot of money on unused plants too!

So before you go out to buy plants and seeds you should…

Plan Your Garden and then Garden Your Plan!

Writing Neatly

So Easy A Kid Can Do It

My edible garden planning guidebook is a great for learning the basics of edible gardening. It even contains edible garden planning worksheets to help you design a successful edible garden. I hope you will check it out. Then you can have a garden like this (see below)

garden, well planned

Well-Planned Edible Gardens

Flavor of the week or maybe year?

I want to get a head start on my 2016 edible garden planning. Sure we still have gorgeous swiss chard and beets surrounded by armies of carrots, kale and herbs. However, our daily garden chores have diminished and we are starting to find ourselves indoors more. Perfect evening for planning the 2016 DIY Backyard Farm gardens.

Please share with me your favorite veggies, fruits and herbs from the 2015 growing season. Of course I will share my findings in some kind of top 10 list.