Edible Garden Fencing Examples

Creating a fence is as much about visual appeal as it is critter stopper. There are many examples of edible gardening fencing online. We suggest you browse around and find one you like. Just make sure you remember a fence is built to keep out animals and other unwanted visitors (soccer balls, frisbees, etc.).

As you can see in the photos below, some fences are easier to put up than others. Be sure to select one that will block your most common intruders. Building it is not too difficult, but it does require elbow grease. We found the effort to be worth it. Plus, the design we chose really looks like a rustic farm fence (see the cedar fencing in the main photo directly below this text.

Fencing Close Up

Simple,Fruit Tree,Fencing

Simple Fruit Tree Fencing



Little hands explore the upcycled rope gate handle of our backyard, organic edible garden


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