About The DIY Backyard Farm

So, you have always wanted to grow your own organic edibles right in your yard? Maybe your children are asking you for a “vegetable” garden?  Think it is too hard?  Do not know where to start or what to grow?

Perhaps you, “don’t have the time” or are confused by all the “how to” manuals?????

You have come to the right place.  We started DIY Backyard Farm as a “how to” guide for edible gardening.  Growing our own produce right in our yard helped connect our family with food. We want to help other families do the same.

We realize there are just oodles and oodles of websites, books, and magazines covering the topic of edible gardening. Some of them do a fantastic job and others not so. DIY Backyard Farm is where you can read about and share our family’s edible gardening experiences, lessons, ideas, and best practices.

We offer valuable and unique information. We want you, your kids/grand kids, friends and neighbors to all enjoy the experience of having and growing organic, edible produce. We want you to get dirty, work your land, and enjoy the bounties of Mother Nature.

DIY Backyard Farm will cover lots of edible gardening topics in the forms of blog posts, short videos, and lots of amazing pictures from our organic, edible garden. We will also bring the reviews.  Lots of them.  Think tools, books, magazines, websites, and more.  We may even talk a little turkey…err I mean chickens.

Growing your own edible plants is about much more than food and eating. It is about understanding the unique connection we all have to our foods. This connection has largely been lost with the advent of industrial food production and the highly processed foods it has brought to our store shelves.

Our family of 4 is living proof of how enjoyable and healthy the whole edible gardening experience can be. Not everything we do is perfect, correct, or proper gardening technique. We think that’s OK because gardening and farming are, by nature, constant learning experiences and science experiments. Of course you need to do some things just right and there are lots of guides out there to help teach you how. We are not the experts many of those resources are. What we are is a real family growing our own great, organic edible plants right in our backyard. We even use the side and front yard too!

So, welcome to DIY Backyard Farm.  We hope you “dig”around a little and enjoy our website.

4 thoughts on “About The DIY Backyard Farm

  1. I agree! “Everyone should have an organic edible garden.” I plan to expand my own next year (will come here to your site for inspiration and information). In the meantime, I’m making meals with all organic produce from my my small garden, farm stands, farmers market and natural foods stores.

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